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The Company

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About Us

The Company

Archanda Plantas Industriales is a national company with an international presence, ``turnkey`` mechanical assembly specialists for various energy and industry sectors.

With over 50 years experience in industrial activities, Archanda Plantas Industriales currently undertakes comprehensive projects in all industry sectors. The company undertakes the entire project process: supplies, construction, assembly and start-up. Likewise, numerous clients request the maintenance of the manufacturing facilities within the context of our work.

Experience, innovation, quality and adaptive capacity have made Archanda a reference benchmark whose commitment is the quality of service.

In the mechanical assembly field, Archanda Plantas Industriales is a specialist in sectors such as: refinery industry, chemical and petrochemical plants, iron and steel industry, and off-shore equipment; water industry, paper mill industry, cement industry etc.

With its head office in Bilbao (Spain), Archanda Plantas Industriales has an extensive national and international experience developed over the past 52 years. Having carried out large energy and industrial projects in various African and European countries.

The company has modern facilities with offices and workshops equipped with the most renowned quality certifications.

The capacity and expertise of ARCHANDA PLANTAS INDUSTRIALES has led to the endorsement of the company by the world’s leading technologists in the energy and industrial field, as well as the most prestigious engineering firms for the joint execution of numerous projects in various countries worldwide.

Experience, innovation, quality and the capacity to adapt to market changes are the values which have made Archanda Plantas Industriales a reference benchmark in the industrial field.


  • Specialist company in the execution of mechanical assemblies for industrial facilities.
  • Client-service oriented company.
  • Complete client satisfaction with strict compliance with our contractual obligations in terms of quality and deadlines.
  • Commitment to our clients, ensuring transparency and professional skill in all commissions which are carried out.
  • Sustained growth through technological development, client consolidation and internationalisation.
  • Reinvestment in assets and technological development which ensures continuous competitiveness and maximum efficiency.
  • Contribution to the personal and professional growth of all employees. Loyalty to our shareholders, partners and suppliers.

Our History

As of 1 January 2011, under its new name ARCHANDA PLANTAS INDUSTRIALES, is the 100% continuity of the former MONTAJES ARCHANDA. This change has been the result of the reorganisation of several companies to ensure, to a greater extent, their future. Esto ha sido realizado como consecuencia de la ordenación de diferentes sociedades para garantizar, en mayor medida, el futuro de las mismas.


We understand how to ensure and maximise the cost/efficiency ratio, which enables us to offer an individual solution for each client and with tailor-made services for each requirement. At Archanda we are continuously improving, innovating and developing new working methods.

Internal structure:

Head Office

  • Technical department: Engineers with extensive experience.
  • Sales department: We are characterised by a personalised client service.
  • Purchasing department: Managing the procurement of materials process for the projects undertaken. Faithful compliance with both the technical requirements of the material as well as the delivery deadlines.
  • Human Resources Department: Within our extensive staff of skilled workers, selecting the right person for the right job. Training our workers in occupational health, safety and hygiene. Efficient work with minimum risk.
  • Quality Department: All our projects and processes are registered through our quality system. Having in-house welding processes, mechanical calculations, technical support etc.
  • The accounting department together with the management team cap off the company’s greatest asset, our human capital.

Boilermaking workshop.

  • Our workshops and warehouse have the latest technology available.

Direct labour.

  • Our skilled workers have the experience, professional skills and required performance necessary to ensure precise work, tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Own Resources.

  • Having own cranes, industrial vehicles, special machinery, truck cranes etc. at the service of our clients.

Working in the following Sectors



Recently, thanks to the excellence in the work and expansion of the Group, Archanda renders services, through international contracts.

In order to offer a more efficient service to clients, our company has consolidated personnel for each production sector. Our skilled workers perfectly understand the particular problems of each sector, being able to solve the problems quickly.

Our Clients

ARCHANDA PLANTAS INDUSTRIALES, S.L., thanks to the experience acquired over the years, is capable to meet the needs of its clients in a wide variety of sectors and markets.

Montajes Archanda set out meeting the industrial needs of Basque Country countries. Nevertheless, the effort and experience acquired over the years have enabled these services to be expanded not only to the rest of the Communities in the domestic market but likewise to international markets. The company, thanks to a grasp of the framework of globalisation and a heightened multicultural sensitivity, is nowadays able to provide its services to clients around the world.

The trust placed by our clients over the last 50 years demonstrates the responsiveness of our company.
The complete satisfaction of our clients stands behind us, but we continue working on improvement on a daily basis.

Archanda Plantas Industriales

0034 944 167 200